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Spanning six decades, the 10 historical photos on display depict important scenes from Hong Kong’s past that provide a valuable reminder of the way things were during the early years of the territory’s development.


Enabled by the click of a shutter, each image reflects a conscious attempt to capture a memorable moment.


Illustrating the emergence of urban life in Hong Kong, the photos bear witness to the birth and growth of the city and allow us to revisit the hustle and bustle of old Hong Kong, the clash between East and West and the transformation of lifestyles in both urban and rural areas.


Hong Kong would not have developed into the city it is today if any one of these images were missing from its timeline.


Let us know what your favourite historical photo is by voting in our poll. Join us as we immerse ourselves in old Hong Kong through the lens of the camera.





Special thanks to the Moonchu Foundation for its consent to the use of the historical photos.


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